Men and Ideas that changed my Life – Gehrayee

In the early 80’s DD used to air award winning feature films from different languages in a particular slot. There was a film that was produced in 1980 and aired probably in 1983 / 84 when I was around 14 that has been on mind and shaped my reactions all my life.

It is the film Gehrayee. Anant Nag, Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Amrish Puri… The film had a cast of good and steady actors. But it became famous for the wrong reasons.

The short story line is – There is a middle class family in the town – Father, Mother, elder brother and sister in early teens. Suddenly the girl starts acting weird. They try out all kinds of solutions including God Men. One of them, Amrish Puri tries to sexually exploit the girl. The scenes were normal by today’s standards but to an India in Victorian era, they became the most important feature of the film.

May be that was why I too saw the film. But at the end what stood in my mind was the “moral” of the story – A tenant farmer in the plantation owned by the family is agitated because the land was to be sold off. He resorts to black magic.  The family solves the issue with the help of a good “exorcist”. But then the son feels his sister was targeted unfairly. He tries to find out why the tenant targeted his innocent sister.

His actions get him into a situation where he becomes the victim of the black magic. The movie ends here. You can see it on YouTube here.

Normally we expect the world to be fair to us. That is one of the most impossible expectation. But in our innocence (charitable view) or self centeredness (brutal honesty) we expect “fairness” and in the absence of that “Retribution”.

When ever I get into such a situation – I keep reminding myself of this movie – If necessary I go to wikipedia and read the synopsis.

If Life throws lemons at you learn to make lemonade from the. Don’t try to hit back.


One thought on “Men and Ideas that changed my Life – Gehrayee

  1. Alternately, if life gives you lemons you could also make yelimichanga oorga and add spice to life. I just get here, will stay a while. Good work!

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