Preamble to a controversy

Recently I was reminded of a person who used to work as a telephone operator in a large factory. Those were the days of manual exchanges and the factory had around 10,000 employees. So naturally the telephone operator had to filter lots of calls and also be brusque with most users. So soon he was called Executive Director – Telephones. The post of Executive Director was the highest post in the factory.

I used to say this as an apocryphal tale – a disgruntled office boy called as Executive Director – Office Services. His job profile does not change. That people treat him like dirt doesn’t change. Not many even remember his name. Or if they remember, call him by name. But his hurt feelings can be assuaged by a simple name change – from Office boy to Executive Director – Office Services.

This has nothing to do with changing India from a sovereign democratic republic to a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic.


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