A Lesson never learnt

In recent times I have been reading Indian History so much that most of my responsibilities / commitments have been neglected. Despite the huge volume of quality material that I have been reading the following paragraphs has left a lasting impression in my mind. Thought will share with you. 

The extract is from the Book *House of Shivaji – Studies and documents on Maratha History: Royal Period* by Shri Jadunath Sarkar. The last Chapter is titled *What Maharashtra teaches us*. The last few paragraphs extracted here has the sub heading *Internecine Feud*.

At the end, it is the impartial historian’s duty not to conceal the the defects of the Maratha racial character. They have been strong, they have been free but they have not been united. Like the Afghan tribes or the clans of the Scottish biglands, Maratha family has fought Maratha family, clan has fought clan, in selfish personal feuds. The result has been disastrous to the interests of a nation as a whole. That perfect type of Maratha cavalry leader and organizer of tactics, Santaji Ghopare, was killed not by a Muslim but by another Maratha, Nimbalkar, whose brother this Santa had killed in an earlier internecine battle!

Even today caste-squabbles are not dead in Maharashtra, though the newspapers carefully exclude information on this unsavory subject. Brahman-Prabhu wrangles about religious claims are still boiling up; even the Brahmans are not a happy family in all their branches. Are Karhara Brahmans totally at ease about Chitpavan hostility, say in Ratnagiri? Let those who know the facts ponder on the consequences.

After all, there cannot be a truer message to the Maratha people even today than the advice given by Ramdas Swami nearly three centuries ago:

Unite all the people, fill them with one spirit.

Wherever Marathas are, unite them;

extend the spirit of our Maratha ‘dharm’.

Bahut lok milavave, ek vichare bharave.


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