Confused Desi defends Sonia G

As a devout Hindu, I had no other alternative but to turn to Hindu Dharma to see if the National Herald case as stated by Subramanian Swamy was really correct.

Valmiki, the author of Ramayana was a thief> Sage Narada turned him into a devout bhakta. He wrote the Ramayana and even Lord Rama was supposed to have heard it from Valmiki’s mouth.

The tamil Vaishnavites have twelve saints, whom we call the Alvars. The twelfth of them, the Thirumangai Alwar was initiated into vaishnavism by the Lord himself. His wife extracted a promise from him that he would feed a 1,008 vaishnavas every day. Obviously there was no Amma canteen those days. The saint found it very difficult to spend this heavy amount day in and day out. He soon took to highway robbery to fund his charitable enterprise. One day, he saw a freshly married couple with their jewellery and stopped them to rob their jewellery. After taking all the jewellery he realised the groom had a ring on one of the toes. When pressed the groom asked the saint to remove it if he wanted him. Try as he might he could not. But the fact that he touched the feet enlightened him. It was the Lord himself.

Kancherla Gopanna was the nephew of the famous Akkanna – Madanna brothers. He was appointed as the Tehsildar of Palvancha Pargana belonging to Sultan Abul Hasan Qutb Shah. One day seeing the dilapidated temple of Lord Rama at Bhadrachalam, he decided to rebuild it. He spent 6 Lakh silver coins belonging to the Shah. The moment the temple was built his problems also started. The Shah arrested him and put him jail for misuse of public funds. After 12 years one day two young men  mystically appeared in the inner chamber of the Sultan. They paid the Sultan 6 Lakh Gold coins with Rama’s stamp and got Gopanna released. We revere Gopanna as Bhadrachala Rama dasa today.

Coming to the National Herald case, the Asociated Journal was owned by a large list of share holders, small and big. Most of them were dead. The Congress party settled Rs 90 crores of the loans of Associated Journals which owned National Herald. But now the shares of the company that owns the real estate (National Herald Buildings) are with Young India. Obviously the money received as rent would be with Associated Journals and not Young India. That Young India is a Sec 25, not for profit company is totally irrelevant. 

What matters is what Associated Journals does with the money. Sonia G like Valmiki, Thirumangai Alwar or Ramadasa has stolen property that does not belong to her. We are also told repeatedly by people like Surjewala or Sanjay Jha that like these saints she would use the money for public welfare.

I think I believe that story.


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