Confused Desi gets more clarity on National Herald

I had narrated my chance encounter which gave me some clarity on National Herald here. A Senior Colleague of mine who is a lawyer called me yesterday evening to his room. It was weekend. Every one was in a holiday mood. We were the only two people inside his cabin. Others were in the open office watching the clock move slowly testing their patience.

I asked my colleague “Dada! Did you read my blog post? What is your opinion?”

He said, “While I understand your story and the relevance to the National Herald case, Don’t you think Nehru was the only force behind National Herald & built it up to what it was? It is Nehru’s personal property.  Without him it would have been Zero long back.”

I was now stumped. I knew there were nuances in Law & Facts with which I could make a case. But to me it appeared the National Herald case should be based on Moral / Ethical grounds rather than on Legal grounds. If that is not the case, it was not worth following up.

Then he said. “Forget the case. I will tell you a small story. My Grandfather was a poor man. But his most important possession was his Dentures, what we call *False teeth*. He used to keep it in a heavy golden casket. The casket was very beautiful, with diamonds & rubies set in the gold. But to my Grand father the dentures were the most important thing in life. Without that no one could understand what he spoke. For him that was more important than even using the dentures to chew what he ate.”

I asked him “Dada! Why this story now?”

He said, “Be Patient. Now tell me. I have been given a choice. I can inherit the dentures or the building. What do you think I should choose?” Faced with a choice, I was as usual dithering. I could hardly give a sensible reply.

He called three of our colleagues in one by one. The first one an idealistic young man, immediately said, the dentures. The second man in middle age, first said, dentures and when pressed changed his stand and said “For a moment, I thought the dentures, would be more useful. Now I realise, the casket is more useful.”

The last a practical young lady, immediately said, “It is the casket. What can you do with the dentures?”

The old man then turned to me and said, “National Herald is like the Dentures. It is useful only to Nehru. But to the rest, the casket is more valuable.”


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