King of Kashi

I remember a story from an English Text Book from my school days. A rare communal story. Remember we had a few those days before we became completely politically correct.

There was this King in North India who thought he was the greatest king Bharat had ever seen. Trying to find a king his equal he traveled the length and breadth of the country but couldn’t find any. After many months, he was returning to his kingdom disappointed. As he was crossing a narrow bridge on his chariot his path was obstructed by a chariot coming from the other side. 

Proud of his greatness, he refused to back. So did the other King in the other chariot. Finally they decided they would compare each other’s wealth to find out who was better, Both were equal. When it came to achievements they were equal again. Finally the charioteer of our proud king said “Our King is a great Soul. He is good to those who are good and a terror to those who are bad”

The other charioteer said, “Our King of Kashi is good to those who are good, but he is also good to those who are bad.” Immediately the proud king realised his folly and getting down from his chariot gave way to the King of Kashi


I was reminded of this story when Narendra Modi told Smita Parkash that he will not be vengeful. After all he would get only 60 months to do what he can. This is if history does not repeat itself. The Janata experiment of 1977 did not last for long. The 1989 National Front Govt was also equally short lived. Better not talk about the UDF Govts of 1990’s. The NDA Governments also had its share of problems (Mamta, Samta and Lalitha).

There would be enough provocation from all quarters – Media, Other Parties, Congress and elements in BJP. Hope Modi is able to stick to his resolve. Then the King of Kashi would be proud of him. 


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