Why UPA Rocks Part – 8

I am convinced that the best Jokes comes from the most troubled societies. The Communist world produced some of the most hard hitting political jokes. They were not jokes that could be just laughed at, they were intellectually stimulating. Recent jokes are only a rehash of the old ones suitably altered for the current situation. Here I post two more such jokes:

Karl Marx was resurrected and came to the USSR. He was shown factories, hospitals, cities and villages, etc. Finally, he requested to be allowed to make a speech on TV. The Politburo hesitated as they were afraid he might say something they wouldn’t approve. Marx promised he would say only one sentence. Under this condition, the Politburo agreed. Karl Marx uttered the following sentence: “Workers of all countries, forgive me”

Hope the Journalists who have been propping up the UPA too say that.


Brezhnev was hosting a Chinese minister and the Chinese asked him how things were going with the Soviet economy.

 “Let me put it this way,” replied Brezhnev. ” Reagan has 100 advisers and one of them is a spy but he doesn’t know which one.”

 “Mitterand has 100 mistresses and one of them has AIDS but he doesn’t know which one.”

 “I have 100 economists and one of them is smart but I don’t know which one.”

 He might as well be talking of Economists of UPA


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