Rajaji & Narendra Modi’s wife

For the last few years Narendra Modi’s abandoned Wife has been in the news on and off. News Junkie like me have read quite a few stories about her and how Narendra Modi stalked anyone who snooped on her.

The recent excitement among the same reporters is baffling. We see the same excitement every time Pradeep Sharma or Tessta Setalvad files an affidavit. This reminds me of a story that Rajaji repeats often:

In the early Twentieth Century Child Marriage was very common. As Mortality rate was very high especially among children Child widows were equally common. The widowed child would never even know or rather understand her status. She would be playing around happily and her Parents & relatives too would be oblivious of the tragedy in her life.

But a day would come when she would come of age. That is when she would be taken through the rituals of becoming a widow. And on that day probably 6 – 7 years after she became a widow, the whole household would erupt. The women would start beating their chest and cry over her fate.

Don’t know why I am reminded of that story now…


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