Expose – Why AAP has become a revolving door

The last few days, the news papers have seen many articles on how the founding members of Aam Aadmi party are disillusioned and are leaving the party. In fact the number of members leaving the party is much more than the number of members who ever joined the party.

Surprised we tried to find out from our sources in the Page 3 circuit why this was happening. A conversation between our *Deep Source* and a *Socialite*:

Deep Source: Yaar, heard you had joined the Aam Aadmi Party?

Socialite: Yeah. Yesterday I joined the Party.

Deep Source: But why did you join THAT party? Can you go on the road swinging a *Jaddu* like it was a bouquet?

Socialite: Yaar. That is the worst part. I clean everything with dettol before I touch it. I also send an army of sanitation workers to clean and sanitise the place and then I go and swing the Jaddu a few times.

Deep Source: Still don’t you think it is too much of an activity?

Socialite: No. I keep the music on in my blue tooth. So when I go to AAp meets, i don’t go to Gym. My exercise is taken care.

Deep Source: But why did you join the party?

Socialite: Yaar. I was falli off the radar. There were new people who were given prominence in the social circuit. That’s when AAP people started talking to me.

Deep Source: But you know nothing about politics?

Socialite: That’s Ok yaar. Have to talk about lack of development in Gujarat. How Modi is a Advani agent…

Deep Source: You mean Adani?

Socialite: Some body.. Who cares…

Deep Souce: But if you make such a mistake in the rally or interview?

Socialite: Then call them Paid Media or better still… 2002.   

Deep Source: So what do you plan to do next?

Socialite: I am planning to leave the party.

Deep Source: But why?

Socialite: When I joined the Party all TVCs interviewed. The news was on paper for 2 days – yesterday & today. They have given such glowing reports of me that only then I realised how good I am.

Deep Source: So?

Socilaite: That’s when I thought what is this good person doing in such an anarchist party?

Deep Source: 

Socilaite: Good Bye. I have an interview with New York Times. They want to know why I am leaving the Aaam Aadmi party and my opinion on whether there is a Modi Wave.

Deep Source: But what will you say say when they ask you reason for leaving AAP?

Socialite: Yaar. That’s the easiest…. No internal democracy…. Party has no ideology and picks up every failed 3rd page socialite… More people are leaving the party as they are not confident AAP is true to its founding principles…



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