Change of Guard in BJP

In the last few months there has been much sympathy for the Old Guard of BJP from unexpected quarters. In September, 2013 there was much sympathy for L K Advani from even habitual Advani baiters when he seemingly opposed Modi’s elevation to PM Candidate. The same set of new supporters had made a career out of Advani Bashing earlier. In an earlier period they had projected A B Vajpayee as an acceptable alternative while demonising Advani.

Now the focus is on Murli Manohar Joshi. The same set of people who kept hounding Joshi for his acts as H R D Minister, narrowly focussing on his introduction of Astrology etc alone and not highlighting major contributions by him today see great virtue in him. During the campaign for 2004 elections he issued a note praising India. The Hindu published a rebuttal from eminent historians dissing India for the simple reason that Joshi had praised India. 

These eminent historians or citizens as they call themselves just need a stick to whip their favourite ________. But then we will look at an episode from the Mahabharata, the Mausala Parva. The Yadava clan, atleast the young men had been annihilated due to infighting. Krishna had been killed by a hunter’s arrow. Arjuna reaches Dwaraka and takes the old & infirm men and the young women with him to Indraprastha as the Sea engulfs Dwaraka.

As the caravan moves towards Indraprastha it is attacked by Mlecchas. Arjuna finds his strength gone. His bow Gandiva which never fails is now impotent. To add to his shame some of the women voluntarily go away with the Mlecchas. A depressed Arjuna reaches his home and meets Ved Vyasa who tells him that his and his brothers’ life has come to its end. That is when they give the Kingdom to the only surviving Pandava offspring Parikshit and go on a vanavasa.

We remember Arjuna for his valiant deeds not for his failure in Dwaraka. 


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