Ashutosh gives a fitting reply to EC

Ashutosh the Senior Leader of AAP has warned that he would give a fitting reply to the EC Notice served on him for the violence at BJP Headquarters on Wednesday. I thought I will help him with the same.

Dear Mr. SomeBad,


Received the notice you served on our revolushonary party on the instrukson of Mr. Mody. Listen. No. You first listen to me. You have listened to the replies of BJP and Congress many times. Now it is time to change to a new party.


Our Supreme Leader Mr. Kejariwl was going on a car silently talking to people of Gujrat. At no point of time he had more than 3 cars with him. You don’t teach us the Model Code of Contact. We know that. All the 100 Journalist is the forty cars with our leader Mr. Kejrival was seeing what was happening. 


None of the cars had any flags. The 100’s of people on the roads were carrying Balck Saffron flags and broke the glass of Mr. Cagerival’s car window. Even as I am writing this letter I understand in 5 minutes from now they will break Mr. Sissyodia’s car window klass.


Is this democrazy? We have become a facist country.


Mr. SomeBad I teel you, Ambani has brought every body in this country.


I warn you humbly, please come and take back your notice varna …….


Yours politely,




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