Arnab interviews Kejriwal

Our sources say Arnab G has already done an interview of Arvind Kejriwal and they have even managed to get a transcript of the interview like Caravan Inida did with Swami Aseemanand. Read on.

Arnab G: Good Evening. Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind K: Good Evening. Finish your interview fast. I have work to do.

Arnab G: Are you planning to go back to office?

Arvind K: We are going to do a Dharna in Sangham Vihar.

Arnab G: But you are the CM. Who are you doing the dharna against?

Arvind K:  No. I am not the CM. Every Aam Aadmi is the CM. So if things go wrong I will protest against the Common Man.

Arnab G: But how do you propose to solve the water crisis?

Arvind K: We will pass the Jan Lok Pal bill at Ram Lila Maidan.

Arnab G: But if you are not able to pass?

Arvind K: For JLP we will sacrifice our 100 Govt a 100 times.

Arnab G: Still if you don’t get?

Arvind K: We will sacrifice our Govt a 1000 times. Khurban! Khurban!

Arnab G: Ok! Ok! But what will the Jan Lok Pal do in a water crisis?

Arvind K: The JLP will have 8 Deputy JLP?

Arnab G: But…

Arvind K: Do people watch the news hour to hear you or hear me…Have Patience.

Arnab G: {stunned silence}

Arvind K: Each Deputy JLP will have 5 Assistant JLP.

Arnab G: But…

Arvind K: If you continue to interrupt me I will resign my CM post.

Voices: Arnab ….. Please keep quiet.

Arvind K: OK! Continue your questions.

Arnab G: Coming back to the main issue, how will Jan Lok Pal solve the water crisis?

Arvind K: DJB is a corrupt body. The Water tanker lobby is in alliance with BJP. We have already reduced corruption by 15-20% in the last 45 days.

Arnab G: (Stunned) So much… so fast? But how did you?

Arvind K: Because we did dharna nobody was able to go to office. If they cannot go to office how will they collect bribe?

Arnab G: Coming back to the main Question. About water crisis?

Arvind K: The JLP will do a thorough investigation and….

Arnab G: (starts saying something but voices caution him…Arnab.. Kejriwal might resign)

Arvind K: And then file the report.

Arnab G: will the report be made public? who will act on it?

Arvind K: No. The Aam Aadmi will have to file a RTI to see the report.

Arnab G: Will he get the report immediately?

Arvind K: No. The RTI application will be transferred from ministry to ministry.

Arnab G: Then how will he get the report?

Arvind K: He can approach the Court and get an order to get reply.

Arnab G: And then…

Arvind K: Then he can approach the Information Commissioner with the Court Order. The Commissioner will direct him to Lokpal.

Arnab G: Will Lok Pal the give the report?

Arvind K: No He can file a complaint with the Lok Pal against the Commissioner and then Lok Pal will do its investigation on why no action was taken on its earlier Report.

Arnab G: (a little dazzled) But about the water crisis?

Arvind K: How much did Meenakshi Lekhi pay you to ask that question?

Arnab G: Never ever ever ever ever…..

Voices: ….interview Kejriwal again…

Last heard Arnab is yet to complete the sentence. The interview was held 3 days back. 


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