Lesson AAP needs to learn – Part 2

The Aam Aadmi Party and its followers in recent times have been on News Channels and Twitter nearly 24 * 7. They abuse all their opponents be it, other parties, policemen or even critics on twitter or blog posts like this. The AAP Government in Delhi has been highly critical of Bureaucrats and Police with whom they have to work very closely.

After the recent dharna and the Somnath Bharati episode that preceded it, AAP, its supporters and the Media critics in their support have been mouthing the only excuse now available – the past high handedness of Delhi Police. Read below an extract from Sir Roy Bucher’s tribute to Sardar Patel: 

Even although the Congress leaders had been detained in the Fort at Ahmednagar after their arrests in Bombay in August 1942 when I was Major-General in charge of Administration, Southern Army, India, I never met Sardar Patel. By reputation he was to me then a man of stern and uncompromising character. We first met in New Delhi towards the end of 1946. Never having kept a diary I cannot remember the exact month. I had become Officiating General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command, India, and had been summoned to a Conference at General Headquarters lndia.

Mahatma Gandhi invited me to have tea with him, but I was not allowed to accept. However, when Sardar Patel gave me a similar invitation I was permitted to go. So one afternoon I went along to the Sardar’s residence and was shown into his sitting-room. He greeted me with: “As you would not take tea with the Commander-in-Chief of all the Indians, you are going to look at him while you have tea with me,” Thereupon he went out of the room and returned with a large photograph of Mahatma Gandhi in a silver frame which he placed on a table before me. He then said: “You know you really arc a very good hotel-keeper, quite excellent in fact.” I was puzzled and said: “Deputy Prime Minister, surely you cannot be referring to the time when you and your colleagues were detained in Ahmednagar Fort?” The reply came: “lndeed I am and we were never more comfortable as the King’s guests.” I have narrated this at some length because so many people, myself at one time included, thought the Sardar was quite devoid of humour. We were all very wrong. 



I began this tribute with the descripiton of a tea party, and I end with that of another one. The second took place in my house at 3 York Place, New Delhi. Those present were, my wife, the Governor-General of India, Mr Rajagopalachari, and his daughter, Sardar Patel and his daughter. It really was quite a hilarious affair, and my distinguished guests would do nothing except compare the various cells which they had occupied in different prisons during times of restraint imposed upon them by the Government of India. All this was done with the utmost good humour and I wondered to myself, had I “enjoyed the King’s hospitality” for so long, whether or not my reactions would have been so tolerant?


One last word. I do not know why but the Sardar always reminded me of the pictures of Roman Emperors in History Books. There was something rock-like in his appearance and demeanour which bred confidence in him to an extraordinary degree. I was very fond of him and wished he could have spared himself more. He died from overwork really.


The Aam Aadmi Party has this habit of saying Gandhiji was an Anarchist. They would do well to realise that Gandhiji or any other freedom fighter honestly faced the consequences of their actions of anarchy. Every Disobedience movement resulted in an arrest and  “enjoyment of king’s hospitality.” They not only went through the hospitality cheerfully but also bore no ill will towards the British Officers. Even Gen Dyer was treated better by Congressmen than what AAP is willing to treat its fellow countrymen. 


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