Anniyan meets Arvind Kejriwal

Books & Movies having Split Personalities have been very common and therefore any new movie on them would only be seen as a copy of an older one that you have read or seen. Initially most people who have been enamored by Arvind Kejriwal immediately linked him to a famous Shankar movie (Mudhalvan in Tamil and Nayak in Hindi). May be it takes one to recognise another. I have always linked him to another Shankar movie, that i am not sure was made into Hindi. The Tamil version was called Anniyan (Foreigner). The protagonist in the movie is an innocent man Ambi who believes in the rule of Law and is an honest citizen who tries to correct the society from inside.Soon he turns into a Violent Reformer of Society *Anniyan (Foreigner)*. I have always suspected that I have a split personality, my previous posts would be ample proof for that.

Today I started out with an intention to write a spoof on M K Azhagiri joining with Arvind Kejriwal to form the “LAparvAha yuvA morchA”  (“Carefree Youth Front”  or in tamil the “Varuthapadatha vallibar sangham”). But the split personality in me, the serious side that rarely comes out today has wrested some amount of control over my ind. The tussle between the two presented here:

Anniyan: Arvind (Kejriwal) it is time you come South. There is a big vaccum there. Worried how to get in? Form a National Front like UPA and NDA. Call it the LAparvAha YuvA MorchA. That is the current craze. No one wants sanity. There is always a market for the Anarchist. As P. Sainath would say Everyone loves a good clown

Ambi: Arvind Sir! Don’t listen to him. You have got a good opportunity. You should have declined the CM post like Marlon Brando declined the 1973 Oscar (click the link to see the most dignified speech I have ever heard. No a word of rancour. Most polite). Aam Aadmi leaders like Somnath Bharati, Kumar Vishwas or Ashutosh use foul language against other politicians. Sir! This is making decent people like us turn away from AAP.

Anniyan: Bro Arvind! Don’t listen to such crap. The conservative middle class never votes. Even if they vote between now and election time they will change their mind an hundred times. Don’t bother about them. Let BJP struggle to retain them. Look how they find hundred faults with BJP leaders despite claiming to be BJP supporters. Go for the Youth man. Give them one agitation a week. Do a dharna everytime your popularity goes down. It is the youth who spends two nights with you in the biting cold will vote for you not the middle class man who worries for his roji roti. 

Ambi: Sir! Sir! This is not right. Have a firm idealogy. And stand up to it. See how Indian Tennis team gave up a golden opportunity to win the Davis Cup in 1974 as they refused to play South Africa for Apartheid. It takes courage of conviction to give up for the short term to achieve in the long term. But having taken the CM position, sir, can’t you at least concentrate on Governance so that other states in India will want to elect you?

Anniyan: Dude! Governance won’t get you votes! Look at what happened to Uttarakhand BJP and Khanduri. What you should do is, send Yogendra Yadav to south. He should call himself Yogendra Konar. The MBC and OBC will be strongly for hi. But he should not talk. Only people like Kumar Vishwas and Somnath Bharathi should talk. Yogendra is too much like a professor. Down South no one likes decent people. Ask your leaders to see how Chiranjeevi or Vijaykanth insults villains in movies. That is how you have to talk to political opponents.  

Ambi: Sir! Sir! There is an huge dislike for the political class! People want a Government that would put its head down and work. It might take one full term to clear the mess that UPA has created.

Anniyan: Dude! If you do what he says, you won’t get a single seat. Form an alliance with Azhagiri in TN, Revanna in Karnataka, Jagan in Andhra. Akhilesh, Omar in North. Call your front the Carefree Youth. They should all protest against their own father. That will take the wind out of Rahul G’s campaign against UPA.  The ‘LAparvAha yuvA morchA’ should form the 99 th front. No, 3rd front, 4th front business. That way how many ever seats you get, the media will say you performed better than expectations.

Ambi: Sir! In Delhi, people are dying because of the cold. Make at least a few make shift shelter. The Police may be wrong but they are not your enemies.Treat the Bureaucrats and Police properly so that they come over to your side.   

Anniyan: Anarchy

Ambi: Governance

Anniyan: Dharna

Ambi: Governance

Anniyan: Caste Based Politics

Ambi: Governance

Anniyan: Tie up with corrupt politicians





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