Pseudo Socialism of Aam Admi Party

The Aam Admi Party and its Chief have pulled another stunt today claiming their ministers will travel to their swearing in ceremony by the Metro.

My immediate response was that those who built the Metro are any day better than those who travel by them for fooling people.

The Aam Admi Party is trying to project themselves as Socialists who care for people. In this they will try to occupy the space to the left of Congress. There will soon be a competition between who is more *Socialist* and Delhi (and India) will end up like West Bengal with a more radical Left replacing the discredited Left.The contrast would be to project everyone else as capitalists, friendly to large Corporate..

Something that say Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was accused of. Sardar Patel like Motilal Nehru believed in Property Rights and Socialistic policies was anathema to both. Both Vallabhbhai and Motilal were born poor. May be Motilal was not that poor but he had to take care of not only his family but that of his late elder brother who had brought him up after their father’s death. Both had worked their way up and made fortunes, before they gave it all up when they teamed up with Gandhi in the Non Co-Operation Movement. They valued individual efforts and recognised property rights which someone like say, Jawaharlal born with a silver spoon and who never had to work for a living, could never appreciate.

So it is easy to call Patel a Right Wing Reactionary. But this is what Maniben has to say about her travels. Maniben incidentally is the daughter of Vallabhbhai. She was hardly 25 when she took the job of secretary for her widower father. Her mother had died when she was hardly 5 and her father had refused to marry again. Maniben to take care of her father did not want to marry and when Vallabhbhai became a big leader after Bardoli, she realised he needed a full time secretary and took up that responsibility too

Initially she used to arrange everything for her father (Vallabhbhai), spread his bed in his second class compartment and then move to her third class compartment where she slept. Much later when Sardar had become more busy and lot of people met him at every station she had to stay with him. That’s when she stopped going back to her third class compartment but stayed back in his second class compartment.

Much later when Rajaji another widower (taken care by his daughter Namagiri) came to Delhi as a minister in 1950, Patel requested him to stay with them at his Aurangazeb Road residence. Rajaji refused under reasonable grounds. But Rajaji and patel are derided for their capitalistic view while Nehru who claimed to be a socialist moved in to the erstwhile home of the Commander in Chief, a large mansion, renamed the Teen Murthi Bhavan. Jaya Prakash Narayan, who was a socialist in 1948 but who realised his folly wrote an honest account of Nehru’s Pseudo Socialism in his auto biography. Extracts can be read here.

Kejriwal is the new Nehru. The latest socialist on the block. They would travel by SUVs to meet Anna. Drive down to Metro stations in similar vehicles. But will drive in Metros for Photo-Ops.

But the Sardar is a .


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