Salaam Sachin

The Salamm Sachin bug has also bit me and unable to keep away from paying by tributes to the retiring master, I present top ten facts here:

(Imagine Boria Mazumdar reading it to you in a breathless voice for better effect)

1. Sachin is the fastest to reach 200 tests in the History of Test . He reached this after playing just 199 tests. 

2. As a special tribute to Sachin BCCI magnanimously decided to use only 10 Stumps + Bails. 2 sets of 3 stumps totaing 6 and two sets of 2 bails totalling 4 and 10 in all. It has never happened before in the history of test cricket.

3. BCCI has also decided that over 5 days there would be 10 sessions of play to honour Tendulkar. 5 Pre lunch and 5 Post Lunch sessions. As the Post Lunch sessions would be too long they would be punctuated by a mini break for Tea. You will never see this happen again in any Test Match. 

4. The Government of India has also decided that in honour of Sachin Tendulkar, Decimal System will be introduced in the Country. This has never happened before. The RW has refused to accept this as they are confident this is a strategy to popularise Sachin a RS MP before he campaigns for 2014 Polls.

5.  M S Dhoni has also offered to close the innings after only 10 batsmen are out even though he has 11 members in his team.

6. The WI Darren Sammy does not want to be left behind and has promised to match this in their first innings. 

7.  M S Dhoni upset that he has been upstaged has also assured that there will be only 10 other players apart from Tendulkar. Sammy sources say is breaking his head to match this.

8.  ICC has decided to chip in by having ten test playing nations.

10. God has decided to also make this occasion memorable by making people henceforth have only 10 fingers. Next time you see a man with 10 fingers thank Sachin for it.

Note: I know after 8 it is 9 and not 10 but this is in honour of Tendulkar. This is the END OF CIVILISATION as we know it.



One thought on “Salaam Sachin

  1. Good one! Thanks.

    It really sucks to watch the MSM repeating the same damn thing about Sachin… In one of those channels (CNN-IBN?) they say ‘Thank you Sachin’. For what? The stupidity is reaching the heights!

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