The Sanyasi and Narendra Modi (Think I have mixed Metaphors)

A short story from the Book *Indian After Dinner Stories* By Shri A.S. Panchapakesa Ayyar, I.C.S, better known as the father of Shri A P Venkateshwaran, Former Foreign Secretary of India.

A SANYASI ‘sat outside a prostitute’s house and began his meditations. Soon his attention was diverted by the stream of people going daily to the prostitute’s house. His indignation knew no bounds. He said, ‘ What a horrible sinner this shameless woman is !  and began to put a stone for each man entering the house of ill-fame. The poor sanyasis lips uttered the holy words,  ‘Ram ! Ram!’ but his whole mind was engaged in recording the iniquities of the prostitute close by. The dancing girl, on the other hand, always said to herself, ‘ What a horrible wretch am I that prostitute my body so shamelessly while a holy man is engaged in deep meditation at my very doors ! ‘ Her mind was constantly thinking of God even though her body was engaged in most shameless immorality. In the course of time, both the sanyasi and the prostitute died. Contrary to his expectations, the sanyasi found himself in Hell and the prostitute in Heaven.  He straightaway demanded of God the reason for this. * Your body was engaged in worshipping Me,’ said God, ‘ but your mind was solely engaged in counting the lovers of the prostitute, whereas though the dancing girl’s body was given up to vice, her mind was engaged in holy contemplation. Hence this treatment to you and to her.’

For some odd reason I am reminded of all those who only think of Narendra Modi and his ‘Misdeeds”


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