Why the Congress and its Media Trolls PISSes me off?

*Process is Simply Sacrosanct* (PISS) is what I have been taught to believe all my life. So would you be. May not be in so colourful a language, but if you believe otherwise I would like to understand the reasoning.

In the last 9+ years of Congress rule we have seen that the *Due process* has been given the go-by umpteen number of times that we can hardly remember when was the last time that we as a Country behaved decently.

Take a simple example. The Ishrat Jahan Case. There has been enough speculation into this by Ministers, Politicians, Spokesperson, Media and the Public. There has been dozens of inspired leaks. I am yet to see one *Idea of India* Bakth question the propriety of such leaks. Is this because they feel the end justifies the means? I would like to ask them a question they have made so famous. What would Gandhi have said about this Charade being played on Media in this case?

“The means may be likened to a seed, the end to a tree; and there is just the same inviolable connection between the means and the end as there is between the seed and the tree……..We reap exactly what we sow.”
(Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule by M.K. Gandhi, First Edition 1938.)

This just doesn’t stop with Modi in the Ishrat Jahan, Zakia Jaffrey or the other related cases.

Take the cases related to Coal Scam. We find that a Charge Sheet is filed against a Coal Secretary. But not against the then Minister. A Corporate Leader is also mentioned in FIR. But no Junior officials?.The media does not question this. But anybody who raises this immediately tarred as Crony Capitalists. All i ask is where is the Due Process?

In the 2G case, Anil Ambani is a witness. In the Railway Scandal P K Bhansal is a witness. Obviously this Government doesn’t deserve any credibility. But the question is where is the outrage against such blatant violations of *Due Process*? What would the *Founding Fathers* of this Country say?

In any decent country, there would have been an investigation into how one magazine is able to get so much inside information into cases related to only one set of incidents. But not in this country. We are tired of reading inspired leaks. The mind automatically rejects any information that comes from Motivated Channels be it on TV or Print or Twitter.

If this Government tomorrow says *The Sun rises in the East*, most people would stop believing that.

Process is Simply Sacrosanct.


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