Sir Ashutosh and the kafirs

This Post is prompted by this tweet of one Ashutosh who works for IBN7 of CNN-IBN group. In the past i have shown him up a few times but in a polite way. The tweet in question:

Great number of people on twitter claim themselves to be pro Hindutwa, write anti muslim tweets. As per law they should be arrested.


I have not bothered to give a screen shot or any proof for the tweet, for it is not the wordings that are relevant but the idea. A colleague working for this Journalist was killed yesterday while on duty. I have been in a similar situation, but in an Industrial Accident. An young boy just 19 and working for me for just 5 months, did a very unsafe act. In the middle of a chemical plant full of Industrial Alcohol, he unplugged a pipe to see if alcohol was flowing. Unfortunately for him alcohol was flowing. The flowing alcohol hit an hot pump nearby and burst into fire. He was burned more than 60%. Survived for the next 3 days but ultimately died. This was more than 10 years back.

5 – 6 years back there was another accident in a restaurant being refurbished. It is a very famous group in Chennai. A worker had got electrocuted and the owner a very famous person had to pull heaven and earth to avoid arrest. I can quote at least 5 – 6 cases where i know people involved very personally. My personal experience is that when in case there is a death of an employee working for you things can be very tough. You will have to handle the relatives, the authorities and most importantly, your own conscience. You will always wonder if you could have done things differently. would that have saved that man?

If a man in a similar position posts the above tweet, i would want him undergo psychiatric treatment. No normal man can react like this. But never the less, I will reply to him on facts:

Exactly 17 years before the advent of Modi era (for the uninitiated 200, as our journalists can only see through prism of 2002), a man in Calcutta (Chandmal Chopra) filed a petition in Calcutta High Court seeking ban of the Quran.  The petition was dismissed. Revision petition was also dismissed.  Essentially it was the case of the applicant that Quran had contained lot of instructions for its followers which had resulted in avoidable violence on the rest.

The respondents or the Court never refuted a single contention of the applicant but only said that Quran was considered holy and so could not be banned. This judgement should be made a reading materials for Journalist especially those claiming to be secular. It can be read here –




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