Congress ePolitics – Part 2

Not satisfied with the major eInitiatives taken by Congress at the policy level, the IT cell of Congress this week took some initiatives in the Social Media this week. The earlier policy initiatives can be seen here.

This week too our sources reveal what happened at the meet:

Source: Did you hear what we did last week? We had a Social Media Meet this week and  we have taken some major steps.

Me: Is Sonia G and Rahul G getting on Social Media

Source: No. We are doing better. We have developed an app that will monitor the social media..

Me: and..

Source: it will analyse the trending topic. Say on Mumbai rape… once traffic reaches a certain limit, this app will immediately send an SMS / email to all Media houses and Journalists that Sonia G is concerned

Me: and will Sonia G also act?

Source: No. You fool. Can’t you be patient.  Either the issue will die down or there will be more traffic. In second case the app will send another message that Sonia is upset.

Me: And if the issue still doesn’t die down?

Source: Then the app will send a letter addressed to MMS to all media houses.

Me: Will MMS also get the letter?

Source: That is not germane to the issue. We are talking about managing the media.

Me: But…

Source: Last heard MMS was reading news papers. he can get to know from the media.

Me: Any other Fantastic Idea?

Source: Yes. If any one tweets critical information about UPA, this app will immediately send a tweet saying the highest growth under UPA was lower than the lowest under UPA.

Me: But what if the stats are not right?

Source: That is our idea. Trolls will spend all their energy trying to re-establish what every one knew till recently. Any way there is the Neutral Tweeter / Face Book user who will resend it after some time. You cant kill a lie.

Me: But the Original issue?

Source: Something more interesting will come up and then every one will forget this.

Me: Is that all you discussed?

Source: No. The most important is yet to come. We have developed a Bot that searches the Web for all negative pages and changes the name of person to Modi and place to Gujarat.

Me: Is it effective?

Source: It is so effective that in all Government sites the name UPA has been replaced by BJP. We are all going to get a dressing down from Sonia. Bye


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