Congress ePolitics

Worried about the growing clout of Narendra Modi among the IT professionals Congress High Command forms a High Powered Committee to look into means for wresting the initiative from Modi. Our sources reveal the strategy of congress to tackle the Modi Menace.

Source: HeHeHe. Congress has formulated an unbeatable IT policy. Modi will lose 2014. Actually he is not even worth talking about.

Me: So what are you going to do? Take some steps to improve IT infrastructure?

Source: No. We are going to take a series of steps so that No IT professional will ever talk of Modi after that.

Me: Can you explain?

Source: We are going to form a ReSachar Committee.

Me: You mean Research Committee?

Source: No. You fool. Second Sachar Committee.

Me: What will they do?

Source: They will give a report on status of Minorities in the IT industry and recommend steps to improve the same.

Me: You mean Muslims.

Source: No. Idiot. Minorities like *Java* professionals.

Me: But they will be too small a community.

Source: You think we are ignorant of that? That’s why we have plans for the ITES community.

Me: Are you going to give sops to ITES industry?

Source: No. We are going to bring in reservation. In any Company 50% of employment must be to ITES personnel.

Me: But what will companies do with them?

Source: See. You are against ITES people. Modi will also react that way and he will lose their vote. MSM will put his comments on loop 24 x 7. eNREGA twitters and Face Book pages will carry the same. we will get at least 2% more votes.

Me: Any other Game Changing ideas?

Source: We are planning to give classical language status to *C*.

Me: That is touching. But how will that help?

Source: All those old programmers nostalgic about C will vote for us.

Me: What about other old languages?

Source: Our allies will each take up a language – FoxPro, Fortran. We have enough allies you know. Not like NDA. It will divert all focus from #Feku

Me: That will only divert focus from real issue affecting IT people.

Source: You are a nationalist? You want me talk to your employer?

That’s when I woke up with a start from my Sunday Siesta.

I need my Job. Middle Class Mentality. See you folks.


One thought on “Congress ePolitics

  1. Hello,
    Modi & It followers,

    It is totally wrong nostalgia , IT sector is less than marginal, when compared to Govt, Sector,
    As long as the Govt, sector enjoys the benefit of the sudden doubling of their pay with some
    arrears which they have benefited, added the softening Bank loan policy for Educatiion , these
    people will never support Modi, All of u will realise this after the public election,

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