The Limits of Tolerance

This was a post I wanted to write yesterday but failed to. Today (20th July, 2013) it has taken a much ominous meaning with the gruesome murder of “Auditor” Ramesh a Practicing Chartered Accountant and a BJP State Gen Scy in Salem.

But first things first.

Tolerance is a word that is much abused. Secularism as understood in this part of the world is all about Mutual Tolerance at best. I would just rant about few tolerant individuals I have encountered in the recent past.

A well known Journo – 3rd Generation Owner of a National Newspaper:

I had replied at least 20 – 30 times to this person without even an acknowledgement. At a point of time I unfollowed this person when I realised the uselessness of the situation. As luck would have it that day a large number of people (entirely women and children) died in a stampede during Khumbh. The next day when some one RTd a tweet by this person I reacted without thinking. I clicked the reply button and wrote to this person asking if their news paper would take up the cause of Railway safety. 

The nasty reply was shocking to say the least. This person who had originally tweeted blaming the Government for *murdering* Afzal Guru. I had not meant to equate that with death of the women in the stampede. But the nasty reply accused me of being *Single tracked* and went on to say that a person had a right to tweet on whatever they felt without people like me jumping on. The crux was that the Journo had the right to tweet about what they wanted and it was unfair on my part to equate death of Afzal Guru and the women in stampede.

To make matters worse, another person I had respect till that day, jumped in to the conversation and said “After all those involved died because of their indiscipline*. One other person whom i know very little also jumped in and agreed. 

I was taken aback for the simple reason that the last two had blamed the victim for their misery. If this was a rape victim and a male tweeted blaming the victim?

I have stopped acknowledging these three on Twitter from that moment. 

But incidentally the Journo later tweeted *Narendra Modi instead of offering to rebuild Kedarnath should have offered to rebuild Babri Masjid*.

I have nothing to say about that except that somebody RTd that and I was unfortunate to read it.

One other similar incident of *Tolerance* was when another Journo outraged for hours when the US authorities used the word *Temple* for a Sikh Gurudwara. Naive that i was, I was wondering that Temple was an English word nothing to do with Hindu / India. But every one who was someone and his / her aunt took lot of pains to convince our Journo that it was not wrong to call a Gurudwara a *Temple*.My limited knowledge tells me the most famous Gurudwara is called *The Golden Temple*. Bible, the English Version uses *Temple of God*. I am yet to come across an Hindu origin for the word Temple.

But when Bodh Gaya was called the Meccah of Buddhism, there was complete silence.

But today when the 16th BJP / RSS / VHP official was killed in last 18 months (as per RSS – anyway I have come across news of atleast 5 – 6 in recent months), no body talked of the Idea of India. This *Idea of India* is such a delicate piece that its fabric is torn the minute an anonymous handle tweets abuse against a Journo. The handle could have been created by the Organisation that Journo works for. It rarely matters. The Liberal world jumps in and shows their liberal liking for abuse of what they call Trolls.

But when so many are killed for the simple reason that they have a different opinion than that of the killer there is complete silence.

The *Idea of India* doesn’t matter. After all we have reached the limits of Tolerance. 



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