UPA is Modified

After seeing the large positive reaction to the fake achievements of Modi, Congress decides it is time that their achievements come to center stage again. After all they invented the art of media management that this upstart Modi had hijacked.

 A Summary of their efforts to manage the next major tragedy.

For first three days they hop from one TV Studio to another highlighting small rifts in the major opposition party. The opposition party also obliges them by bringing all their differences to the media. Meanwhile the tragedy becomes so serious that it is no longer possible to hide it away. Even the TV Channels reluctantly stop their coverage of IPL Match fixing and move on to this human tragedy.

All reporters on the Congress beat immediately tweet that the Cabinet is going to meet three days hence and discuss about the tragedy. On the third day they say that the meeting is postponed by two days. Meanwhile Nobel Laureates go on TV Channels and blame the opposition for the mess the country finds itself in. The PM is interviewed by the Senior most Journalist of NDTV with a captive audience chipping in with some praise for the PMs handling of the situation. Not unexpectedly most of the time is spent on how the opposition has politicised this human tragedy.

Meanwhile everyone forgets the real tragedy and are keen on watching this tragedy unfolding on TV. Meanwhile the NAC comes up with a brilliant solution – the Right To Rescue Act. The Act mandates that in future in all rescues 25% of the seats should be reserved for minorities. The caste based parties want a separate reservation for each caste. Alert bloggers point out that there may not be any minority if a mishap happens in a Hindu temple.

The NAC seeks to amend the Right to Rescue Act and says all Places of Worship must be mandated to include 25% minorities in their devotees. To enable this the temples are asked to assign one-third of their spaces for other religions. The Places of Worship of Minority religions are exempted obviously. Places of Worships that are unable to meet this criteria are asked to shut down immediately. The AAP issues a statement that all politicians are to be blamed. 

During all this time the tragedy refuses to die out and still continues. Reluctantly Sonia G becomes upset and the Cabinet forms a EGoM to handle the issue. The Spokes person immediately issues a statement slamming Modi for the tragedy and surprisingly ……..All becomes well.

Till the next tragedy strikes…..



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