Mock UN – Position Paper on Stand of France – State Sponsored Terrorism

My Son Ashwin Sudarshan presented this paper at a Mock Session of the UN as part of the selection process.


Council- DISEC (Disarmament and Security Council)

Topic- State sponsored Terrorism

Country- France


In the past few decades from the 1950’s state sponsored terrorism has slowly started increasing and in the present times, there are terrorist activities taking place every week. France has not been supporting terrorists after the sinking of the Rainbow warrior in 1985 which involved two French DGSE agents because the ship had affected France’s nuclear test. France apologised to New Zealand and paid NZD 13 million. France has provided backup to Mali where the al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations tried to break up the country. France is against state sponsored terrorism and felt that it should be abolished. France was the first western country struck at its roots by state sponsored terrorism from Middle West. France faced a lot of problems due to state sponsored terrorism.  France faced deadly attacks in the 1980’s when Iran and Syria ordered state sponsored terrorist attacks on Paris. France has very strict punishment and prosecution for such terrorists. In the French system, an investigating judge is the equivalent of an empowered U.S. prosecutor. The judge is in charge of a secret probe, through which he or she can file charges, order wiretaps, and issue warrants and subpoenas. The conclusions of the judge are then transmitted to the prosecutors office, which decides whether to send the case to trial. The antiterrorist magistrates have even broader powers than their peers. For instance, they can request the assistance of the police and intelligence services, order the preventive detention of suspects for six days without charge, and justify keeping someone behind bars for several years pending an investigation. In addition, they have an international mandate when a French national is involved in a terrorist act, be it as a perpetrator or as a victim. As a result, France today has a pool of specialized judges and investigators adept at dismantling and prosecuting terrorist networks. France has stood against state terrorism in the UN meetings and still stands against it. France had taken part in the European convention to implement punishments and abolishment of terrorism in all forms.  Our polices have not been rejected by the UN. Our country has accepted all UN actions on this issue and so far nobody has rejected any decision of the UN from France. France believes that the UN must take up serious action against state sponsored terrorism as state sponsored terrorism is like declaring war against another country without legal declaration. France also feels that illegal or illicit weapon dealing should also be abolished and strict punishment must be awarded to the country or person who practices anyone of them

France has faced many problems due to state sponsored terrorism and would request the UN DISEC council to consider these points that our country would request you to implement.




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