NREGA – Why every one loves it

Giving work (and therefor succor) to people in times of distress is not new. We have read about such projects from the time of Sangam period. There is a story in tamil literature when an old lady unable to do such work paid a young man to do her work. The king found he was lax in his work and whips him. The deity in the temple is found bleeding and only then every one realises it was the Lord himself. It just shows that NREGA is not a new concept.  

It would worked well under these circumstances:

1. Everything else had failed and people were dying of hunger.

2. The rich and mighty put in their resources and paid these people food and money to build infrastructure which would later yield results.

3. There is no charity and a desperate situation is turned into an opportunity.

What does stats show in case of NREGA. We are told on Social Media that work and pay under NREGA is what is helping out people suffering from drought in Maharastra.

A look at the records in Maharashtra:

Year                                Drought Proofing

                             Taken Up        Completed

2008 – 09                4,226                  678

2009 – 10                2,807                  602

2010 – 11             10,070                   692

2011 – 12             57,815                   548

2012 – 13           100,309                3,979

Stats from the official website of NREGA. 



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