India’s tradition of Spin

The original Gandhi promoted spinning cotton on the Charkha. As is our tradition we have managed to corrupt this. We still spin but not cotton but stories and obviously it is called news. Other times such stories are called Op-Eds.

To understand the effect of such motivated Op-Eds / News, would relate a small story that most of us would have heard earlier. A Ship’s mate who maintained the log was always ill-treated by the Captain. He got his revenge when he entered into the log – “The Captain was not drunk today when he piloted the ship.” He was factually correct but conveyed a lie – if he was not drunk today was he drunk on other days?

To take a real life example – even today in the course of a debate on HDI in Kerala and Gujarat, one defensive (or is it offensive) reply was Gujarat was more interested in Industries! Really?

The power tariff in Kerala for industries and in Gujarat are as below:

Year                            Kerala                        Gujarat             Maharashtra

2007 – 08                       4.04                            4.58                     4.43

2008 – 09                       4.75                            5.38                     4.46

2009 – 10                       4.13                            5.27                     4,82

2010 – 11                       4.27                            5.27                     4.90

2011 – 12                       4.27                            5.32                     5.15

So who is Industry friendly? Gujarat? Or Kerala?

But why bring in Maharashtra? Comparison is generally made between Gujarat and Maharashtra, Only today it was Kerala.

Tariff for Agriculture:

Year                      Kerala                 Gujarat                 Maharashtra

2007 – 08                 1.05                      1.20                        1.73

2008 – 09                 1.35                      1.97                         1.94

2009 – 10                 1.10                      1.77                         1.97

2010 – 11                 1.10                      1.76                         2.05

2011 – 12                 1.76                      1.76                         2.15

So who is Agriculture friendly? Gujarat or Maharashtra?

 Data Source:  Planning Commission of India. 




One thought on “India’s tradition of Spin

  1. You may have tariff as Re 1 but, if there is no power, its of no use. Better to have quality power 24/7 even if it comes at a slightly higher price.

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