Will Javed Anand accept an invitation to Dine at White House?

By chance I had the opportunity to watch Javed Anand compare Narendra Modi with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) on Rajdeep Sardesai’s show on CNN-IBN (March 4th, 2013).  He repeated quite a few times that Niramala Sitharaman did not have the culture to understand his stand. His only line was that Narendra Modi was like the KKK and his very presence would pollute the Sacred Wharton halls.  What I could gather was that Narendra Modi was OK for the culture-less Indians but the Americans were an exhalted race who should not be polluted by a Modi who behaved much like KKK..

My understanding of US history and the KKK was very different from what Javed Anand and the UPenn Professor  (Toorjo Ghose) on the show projected. An excerpt from the book ‘Lies my teacher told me” by James W. Loewen (Pages 163 – 164):

In politics, the white electorate had become so racist by 1892 that the Democratic candidate, Grover Cleveland, won the White House partly by tarring Republicans with their attempts to guarantee civil rights to African Americans, thereby conjuring fears of “Negro domination” in the Northern as well as Southern white mind. From the Civil War to the end of the century, not a single Democrat in Congress, representing the North or the South, ever voted in favour of any civil rights legislation. The Supreme Court was worse: its segregationist decisions from 1896 (Pfery) through 1927 (Ricev. GongLum, which barred Chinese from white schools) told the nation that whites were the master race. We have seen how Woodrow Wilson won the presidency in 1912 and proceeded to segregate the federal government. Aided by Birth of a Nation, which opened in 1915, the Ku Klux Klan rose to its zenith, boasting over a million members. The KKK openly dominated the state government of Indiana for a time, and it proudly inducted Pres, Warren G. Harding as a member in a White House ceremony. During the Wilson and Harding administrations, perhaps one hundred race riots took place, more than in any other period since Reconstruction. White mobs killed African Americans across the United States. Some of these events, like the 1919 Chicago riot, are well known. Others, such as the 1921 riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in which whites dropped dynamite from an airplane onto a black ghetto, killing more than 75 people and destroying more than 1,100 homes, have completely vanished from our history books.


Javed Anand is an honourable man. I believe when he says US is more cultured. But I also realize that a US President was inducted into KKK in a ceremony held in White House.

Would Javed Anand attend a Lunch / Dinner hosted by the Current US President? After all he is a Democrat right?



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