An application form for a budding Politician

This is not original but I thought is very apt for Indian Politicians. Any credit is due to the unknown man who created it. (Surprisingly not an Indian)

Application Form For Politicians

Application Form To Be Filled For Contesting Indian Elections ———————————————————————- 

1. Name of Candidate : _______________________ 

2. Present Address 
(i) Name of Jail : _______________________ 
(ii) Cell Number : _______________________ 

3. Political Party : _______________________ (List ONLY the Last Five parties in the Chronological (Order) 

4. Sex: [ ] 
A – Male 
B – Female 

5. Nationality: [ ] 

6. Reasons for leaving last party (circle one or more) 
A – Defected 
B – Expelled 
C – Bought out 
D – None of above 
E – All of above 

7. Reasons for contesting elections (circle one or more) 
A – To make money 
B – To escape court trial 
C – To grossly misuse power 
D – To serve the public 
E – I have no clue

(if you choose “D, attach Certificate of Sanity from a Psychiatrist of a Government Hospital duly attested by a Gazetted Officer ) 

8. How many years of public service experience do you possess? 
A – 1-2 yrs 
B – 2-6yrs 
C – 6-15yrs 
D – 15+yrs 

9. Give details of any criminal cases pending against you (Use as many Additional Sheets as you want) 

10. How many years have you spent in Jail? [   ] (Do not confuse with question 8) 
A – 1-2 years 
B – 2-6 years 
C – 6-15 years 
D – 15+years 

11. Are you involved in any financial scams? [   ] 
A – Why not 
B – Of Course 
C – Definitely 
D – I deny it all 
E – I see a Political Conspiracy by the Opposition

12. What is your Annual Corruption Income? [   ] 
A – 100-500  Crores

 B – 500-1000 Crores
C –  If you can count you don’t have much 


13. Do you have any developmental plans for India in mind? [   ] 
A – No 
B – No 
C – No 
D – No 

14. Describe your achievements in space provided: [_________] 
Thumb Impression of candidate (Not that of the person who filled the form)




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