Politics on Death Penalty

There has been quite a few references to Congress hanging Kasab / Afzal Guru only as a means to Hijack the Agenda of BJP. There were some crucial slips by Congress like allowing the person on death row to go to SC for a review. Crucially this benefit has been given to subsequent cases like the *Veerappan Aides*. But astute Media management has ensured that it is BJP who gets blamed for being Hawkish on killing Kasab and Afzal Guru. (Note even I use the word killing.)

This game of Congress will have serious ramifications. Congress as usual is interested in only short term political gains. This attitude of Congress of knee jerk reaction is legendary. To minimize impact of Shah Bano case Rajiv Gandhi opened up worship in Babri Majsid. V P Singh a dyed in the wool Congressman till he saw his chance in upstaging Rajiv G also did a similar Act with Mandal Commission.

But what Congress should relaise is this. Such Acts actually help neither claimant. It is as futile as this act: There was a Senior Bureaucrat by name Trivedi. By mistake a magazine with circulation named him as Dwivedi. (A Back ground Note: Dwivedi is one who has mastered 2 Vedas. Trivedi – 3 and Chaturvedi – 4) Upset with this faux pas, The man called up the Magazine Editor and gave him a piece of his mind. The Editor said in a booming voice “Don’t Worry Trivedi Saab! Next time we will call you Chaturvedi. This error will be compensated.”

The only difference is Congress is doing it in real life. And not in name but with fire. UNFORTUNATE. 






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