The Nauseating Sycophancy around Rahul G’s Ascendancy

I have used this metaphor before but that was in a simple situation. Feel it fits this case more.

There was this community which was perennially bad mouthed for being silly. So the elders of this community got together and had a *Chintan Shivir* They decided to project their Yuvraj as their best bet. They got together a group of intellectuals to engage their yuvraj in a discussion. 

The intellectuals realised their role and acted accordingly. They started with simple questions like what is 10 + 10. The yuvraj fumbled. The bar was lowered till the yuvraj got a simple question like *what is 2 + 2″. He answered correctly.

But by then the crowd had got used to supporting his failures and roared, *He may be wrong but is young. Give him another chance.* 


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