Leaders react to Rahul G’s Promotion

Just watched an anchor in a TVC gush that Jaipur Meet would be remembered for the Rahul Promotion. She could have used more cliches and said *Is this is the end of civilisation as we know it* but then would assume that looks negative. After all, all of India is happy – the Congress fans that Rahul is made VP and those against Congress that Rahul is made VP. Don’t think any other decision in recent times has been so welcome. But still the reactions look a bit low key. So i thought I could spice it up by some typical reactions by our Netas.

Diggy Raja’s reaction to Sunetra C: Why is BJP laughing at this decision? Unlike BJP Congress has some basic Political decency. Did we laugh at them when they elected Gadkari as President?

M. Karunanidhi: Daughter Sonia could have delayed this decision. Rahul should have continued as President of Youth Congress for another 20 years. Look at Stalin. But I welcome this move as it keeps the BJP out

Sundry Op-Ed Writer: Mamta makes an Industrialist sing songs in her show. Anil Ambani sings songs for Modi on his own. And the Congress (that called itself Indira) elects Gandhi as it Vice President. There is nothing wrong with this move. There is also nothing right in such a move. Modi followers are his second biggest liability (Incidentally this article becomes the most tweeted / commented criticism of Rahul G’s promotion)

Lallu Prasad Yadav: Hope to keep the communal forces out the Congress will give me outside support to my party which will have 2 MPs in 2014

Yeshwant Sinha: The BJP apologises to the Nation for allowing Rahul G to become a VP of the historic INC.

Ram Jethmalani gives a lengthy interview to a TVC against Rahul G and threatens to resign from Congress. The anchor is so terrified that he is in no position to tell him that it was BJP that recently readmitted him and not congress.



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