Why the UPA rocks – Part 7

Welcome to Contrarian Radio! Today we have a Special Guest. Mr. Chidambaram, will be answering our Questions.

Host: The latest news is that employment has gone down by 21% in last year.

PC: See. The economy has improved. There are lesser and lesser people needing employment.


Host: The Central Government has said *Don’t read too much into presence of leading politicians,*. why do you think they were there?

PC: Sagarika, Rajdeep and Burkha had written about the food in Gujarat when they covered the campaign. So the top leaders wanted to test out the food.


Host: The Home ministry has withdrawn the Z category security for Gen V K Singh stating he incited violence

PC: We can’t provide security for common criminals. This is just the beginning. Soon we will withdraw security for Afzal Guru, Nalini, Rajoana also.


Host: On Nithish’s request for special status to Bihar.

PC: The good news is we are formulating the criteria.

Host: and the bad news?

PC: Bihar wont fit into that criteria.


Host: After the Delhi Rape what has Congress done for women/

PC: In Maharashtra we have decided a girl can go to any police station. No question of Jurisdiction.

Host: But Sir! People are asking *She can go in! Will she come out safe?*


Last News: The current Host has been arrested. Looking for a fresh one. Anyone can apply. Job guaranteed immediately


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