My first brush with Politics

My first brush with Politics was nearly 15 years back. I was a business head for a small division of a Chemical Company. We had a Production head who was nearly sixty. We will call him Mr. X. As our division was very small we depended on our parent company for maintenance.

Once we had a Mechanical problem and is normal under such circumstances we found it very difficult to get support from our Mechanical team. Mr. X called up the head of the Parent Company Mr. A. Mr. A promised the Mechanical Engineer will act. Mr. X asked him further: “If he doesn’t act?” As the conversation was on an intercom I don’t know what Mr. A said. Mr. X told me that Mr. A said he will take action if Mr. X fails. I assumed Mr. A would take action to solve the problem. But as luck would have it the Mechanical Engineer walked into the room. Mr. X immediately told him, Mr. A says he will take action against you as you have not solved the problem. The Mechanical Engineer lost his cool and refused to work on the problem.

Later  I came to know Mr. X did the whole thing on purpose to mask his failure. See a lot of that on TVCs and Twitter nowadays.


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