Why the UPA Rocks – 7

Student:              Ma’am!  What is a tragedy? What is a disaster?

Teacher:              When Digvijay Singh speaks he puts his foot in his mouth. That’s a tragedy.

Student:              Ma’am! But a disaster?

Teacher:              A disaster is when he continues to talk.


ManMohan Singh suffers from insomnia. He goes to a renowned doctor for cure. The Doctor suggests a simple cure —-> Listen to your own speeches.


Nixon, Stalin and Napoleon meet one day in hell.

Stalin:               If I had a bigger airforce in 1944 I would have occupied entire Europe.

Napoleon :         If I had better artillery I would have won at Waterloo.

Nixon:               If I had the Media that Sonia Gandhi has, nobody would have bothered about Watergate


Virbhadra Singh campaigning in HP tells the *Aam Aadmi* : Congress will win this election and next year our lives will be better.

An Aam Aadmi shouted: What about our lives?


Fan :                Why did you lose your Job at X TV?

Star Reporter:   I said *Corruption in UPA is nothing compared to Corruption in NDA*

Fan:                 For that you lost your job?

Star Reporter:   No. I paused for too long after Corruption in UPA.


Now that Manoj Tewari is no longer a Spokesperson, his replacement meets him to get some guidance. The new man asked Manoj how he was able to successfully handle such impossible situations without ducking them. Tewari said that was because of his commitment. The perplexed spokesperson asked him to explain. Tewari told him *to any question I will give any answer*


Two Schoolmates meet after many years.

First:                    Where do you work?

Second:               CBI – Cyber Crime.

First:                   What do you do there?

Second:              We track those who are dissatisfied and vent against the Government. And what do you do?

First:                  Oh! We go after those who are satisfied.

Second:             Are there any? Where do you work?

First:                 IAC.



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