Why Gadkari has to go but Khurshid gets a promotion

It is the curse of the Hindu Right Wing that they can relate current events only events that have happened few thousand years and only then can they understand such happenings. So is with this conundrum – Why Gadkari must go but a Khurshid gets a plum post (Rehman Khan too).

When Yudhishtira is brought to the palace along with his brothers for the first time after Pandu’s death a silent power struggle builds. Duryodhana and his father King Dhiritharashtra felt they were cheated out of their birth right. But Pandavas enjoyed not only the goodwill of the people but they also had a claim through Pandu’s rule.

A test was designed to decide who would be the next Yuvraj. Both the princes had to decide in a particular case and the better Judge would be the next Yuvraj. The case that came up was this – Four men had committed a murder. Duryodhana immediately passed the judgement that all four murderers would have to be killed. The King was very happy and wanted Duryodhana to be crowned immediately. But Vidura asked him to be patient till Yudhishtira had his chance.

Yudhishtira said of the four, one was a Sudra – a man dominated by *Tamas* – so it was natural that under the provocation he acted in a murderous manner – and was sentenced to 4 year imprisonment. The next was a Vaishya – with more of Rajo than Tamas and so more culpabale and hence 8 years of imprisonment. The third was a Kshatriya – who was expected to protect Law and hence his failure to not only do so but take an active part got him 16 years of imprisonment.

But the last a brahmin with his Sattva Guna was supposed to have stopped the murder and not take active part. The Brahmin murderer immediately regretted his actions but yet was sentenced to death. But Yudhishtira said “Killing a brahmin is Brahmahatti dosha. So no one would do it”. Though Kripacharya came forward, the Brahmin committed suicide to avoid any further dosha by his actions.

So is the case of Gadkari. Incidentally till Journalist Ashok Malik raised it I never knew he was a Brahmin. The point made here is equally valid for Bangaru lakshman or B.S.Yeddiyurappa. It is in the Congress genes to reward the corrupt. Hence Khurshid, Rahman Khan (Wakf Scam) or Kamal Nath (Anti Sikh Riot). But BJP is like the proverbial brahmin.

For the secular Gadkari is Caesar’s wife


One thought on “Why Gadkari has to go but Khurshid gets a promotion

  1. Sridhar …wonderful to compare the mahabahrata with present situation ….i honestly feel that (as a loyal party worker) Gadkari should go not because of his wrong business procedures …a president of a party should not be accused of his businesses which are in suspicious nature as everybody’s …

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