Karunanidhi’s helping hand to Kejriwal

The unanimous verdict on the IAC press conference is it is a *Damp Squib*. It has disappointed people left, right and center. The mistake that Kejriwal did is that he did not take the support of people like Karunanidhi. Read on how MuKa would have handled this PC: (Tamil readers would know that this is an unadulterated lift from MuKa’s most famous film dialogue)

I am not against Gadkari! Gadkari must have helped the poor farmers! But all he did was take their farm away from them! They begged him for their land! What he must have done? He should have given them their land plus some of his own! Did he do it! No! That is why I blamed him!

The poor farmers are at their wits’ end! What Gadkari must have done! He must addressed their needs! He must have wiped their tears! Did he do it? No! He stole their water from them! They ran! Ran! RAN! Finally they reached their death! That is why I attacked Gadkari!

I am not against Gadkari! I am against Gadkarism! I attacked BJP! Yes! I attacked BJP! Not because I do not like BJP! But because I did not want BJP to become a den of thieves like Gadkari!

Kalyani! Sorry Anjali! My sister!

End of Show

All pressmen erupt in appreciation. Next show at Jantar Mantar on Anna’s Birthday (Not Hazare, Annadurai)

AK proves Dravidians are better at fooling people – all people at all times


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