Is this the Beginning of the End for UPA

Those in the Accounting trade would be able to identify with this – When the finalisation of Accounts of a large entity is on, in the initial stages all departments would spin stories on why certain payments are advances and not expenses. Similarly estimates of expenses would be very conservative, accountants fighting tooth and nail to reduce estimate of expenses and keep profits high.

But there would be a tipping point – something somewhere would give up. Then everyone would turn around and there would be a literal deluge of bills that mysteriously appear. Conservatism would suddenly vanish. Seeing the deluge of Scams exposed today one only feels similar.

Except that one feels the tipping point of this UPA Government has been reached. Ministers and spokesmen hitherto keen on whitewashing scams might surreptously now expose their own mini scams in the fond hope that when bigger fires burn, no one would be worried about small fires.

All said and done the next few weeks are going to be exciting.


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