In Defense of Mr. Pachauri

Since yesterday night there has been a big outrage against Mr Pachauri for a tweet he sent out in December 2011 claiming Twitter is like a Lavatory Wall. As is the norm, he has no way of defending his statement. After a few minutes and the mandatory Tongue in Cheek remarks, I realized Mr. Pachauri made sense. Eminent sense.

It is in the toilet walls that most people scribble out their most secret desires and/or thoughts. Things that they would otherwise have repressed for various fears. I remember reading a few years back that the Japanese firms have a room where they have punching bags with faces of the bosses. The workers could vent their frustration by punching these bags. In poor India lavatory walls wherever they are available serve that purpose.

But what is unfortunate is that –  the nation is going down that hole in that lavatory and Sir – what is your Government  doing about it other than helping it on its way


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