Why BJP should discuss Coal Scam in Parliament

The Coal Scam that has recently become big is not something new. This has been raised by a few BJP MPs in the past. Everyone was in a denial mode. In fact this is not something new. The same happened in 2G Scam. BJP raised it in Parliament; stalled Parliament got slammed for it. Lost an election and now everyone claims his channel and his aunt exposed it first. But on the days when a Judgment goes against Swamy in 2G, these warriors in white armor immediately turn around and ask him to apologize.

Do you remember

Cash for Votes?

Madhu Khoda?

122 licenses cancelled?


Lok Pal Bill?

FDI in retail?

Women Reservation Bill?

Presidential Election 2012?

I have a poor memory. There must be 100 other issues that we need to discuss urgently but don’t seem to remember or care. 12th Plan for instance. Should have started from April 2012. But we do not have a plan in place. But then 11th plan was delayed by 18 months. It is only 5 months into current plan.  More Outrage against BJP? Yes. They deserve it.

Just reminded of an old Joke current in late 70s and early 80s. A friend of Mr. X asked him why he watched a particular movie daily. Mr. X replied: “The Hero kisses the Heroine but as they get close to each other a train crosses across and blocks the view. One day the train will be late and I will catch the full kiss.”

The Mr. X in BJP is in a similar position. He has to debate each scam fondly hoping that someday somebody will respond. And pray that later they do not later file an affidavit in Court saying that they lied in Parliament.

Till then the Show will continue……….


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