Pop Patriotism

Slightly delayed, but wanted to say this. There was a News Worthy moment when few employees of Mantralaya     risked their lives to save the flag of the country. A rare moment in today’s world when we care for nothing except our personal comforts.

My Great Grand father once travelled by train from his home town to a nearby town. A thief ran away with his trunk. Fellow passengers looked at my cool and composed  Grand Father and shouted in a tense manner – *the thief is running away with your trunk*. My Grand Father was calm as he said *No Problem. I still have the Key*

The Country can go to dogs. We have saved the Flag! Jai Ho!


Heard it a few times before. Today also (the anniversary of deceleration of emergency in 1975), the same reasoning came up. Trains ran on time. Do they run so now? Even in 1978, within few months of restoration of Democracy trains stopped running on time. I would think the problem lies in this sentence. Do we run the trains on time or do they run on their own? But then i am diverting. A small story –

There was an Orphanage where a kind soul placed a few cookies daily for children to take on their own. After a few days the Nun who ran the orphanage had to keep a board – *Take just one cookie – God is watching you*. Soon another Soul gave Cakes daily. A smart kid kept a board next to the cakes – *Take as many Cakes you want. God is busy watching the Cookies*.

You can say that to the few tens of thousands who were affected by the excesses of emergency. If say Rajan’s father asked you about his son you could say – The Government was busy running trains on time. Jai Ho


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