Kitaab ke jawaab kitaab

Conversation between two Senior Journos (as retold by a Source 😀 )

Journo 1:  This Group is headed by an anonymous person on twitter. The group abuses all those who question their ideas.

Journo 2: Oh! No!

Journo 1: Anybody who questions this person will be insulted! Buried under an heap of calumny!

Journo 2: That’s strong!

Journo 1: Other team members would immediately jump in! Report the person questioning! His friends would be abused. They will be asked to abuse the person in question! And if they do not abuse him the friends would also be subject to same treatment!

Journo 2: Sounds interesting!

Journo 1:  The Solar gang will get into action then! The parentage of the person in question will be dragged through mud!

Journo 2: Can’t you do something to stop these trolls? These persons are highly abusive! Indecent!

Journo1:  Buddy! I am talking of the *Gang* we formed to stop these trolls! Don’t abuse my Gang!


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