Why the UPA Rocks – Part 6

It’s Contrarian FM. One more day we managed to survive.

Our listeners are asking: “Can you classify the Bureaucrats?”

We are answering: “There are 2 classes. One, who are not capable of any thing and the other capable of doing anything to please their minister.”


Our listeners are asking: “How do you solve a problem that has no solution?”

We are answering: “We do not reply to questions related to UPA’s economic policies.”


Our listeners are asking: “What is the difference between the Constitution of US and India. After all both promise freedom of Speech.”

We are answering: “The Constitution of US also promises Freedom after Speech.”


Our listeners are asking: “Why is this Government giving cycles to Rural Housewives?”

We are answering: “So that they don’t have to walk 10 KM every day to fetch drinking water.”


Our listeners asked us: “Was it possible to criticize Hitler?”

We’re answering: “Sure.” The same way as you criticized UPA.   You had to lock yourself in your bedroom, hide under two, or better three covers, place a pillow, or better two pillows on top of the blankets over your head, and then whisper whatever your soul wishes about UPA, strictly adhering to a five-minute limit. Good Night”


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