An Anonymous post in reply to an open letter

The current trend is to write open letters to famous people. The trend has caught on so much that somebody commented on twitter that they would like to see some closed letters too. An open letter is an obvious ploy in the sense that the addressee rarely sees it. In the rare event he reads it i doubt whether he would take it seriously. But then that is not the purpose of the writer also.

I remember a cartoon strip i had read in *Mad* may be 25 to 30 years ago. It must have been a much older magazine. But the image that it built in mind is so powerful that I can still relish it. Not only relish but also equate it to real life events. There was this rich man who pledges USD 100,000 to a charity and gives a cheque at a large meeting where he announces his name, father and grand father’s name and address. He is also smart enough to say his address and also the amount but adds the word anonymously at the end. The fund raiser at the charity notices the cheque later and asked the man why he had not signed it. The man replied as it is an anonymous donation, he could not sign it,

Similar is the status of Open Letters – it is meant to impress the public, never intended to make an impression on the addressee.

Moral of the Story : A jobless man writes open letters at every opportunity but it takes a really absolutely jobless man to write blog posts on open letters


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