UPA’s henpecked ministers

The scoop of the day came from a TV reporter on Congress beat. She tweeted that four ministers including Vayalar ravi and Jairam Ramesh had told the Congress Leadership that they would resign their ministership and go back to strengthening the party – a modern day Kamaraj plan.

This reminds me of this story – During a televised meet of husbands, the MC (Master of Ceremonies) suddenly asked those present how many of them were henpecked. He asked the henpecked husbands to move to his right and the brave one’s to the left. To his shock he found only one man standing on his left The man was trying to call somebody on his mobile as the camera zoomed on his face and the MC asked him his reaction on winning a huge prize. But the man looked into the camera and calling out his wife’s name, shouted hysterically “Don’t believe them. I was trying to call you to find out what side i should take.”

Similar is the reaction of the four minster today. 


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