Cover Your Modesty – 2

It is hardly surprising that the News Channels scream that Congress derosters Singhvi. The next line is Congress slams BJP and says BJP has no moral status to make such claims. The explanations stop there. For there is nothing sensible that they can say.

Two resignations that come to my mind immediately are those of LBS and LKA. While the LBS resignation as Railway minister is well known, the LKA resignation post the Jain diary (Hawala Scandal) is hardly discussed – for obvious reasons.

L.K.Advani, a leader of opposition promptly resigned from his MP seat. He did not give TV interviews slamming the Congress. I have deliberately given a link from a site which would be anti – BJP. The list of Congress leaders involved would be revealing. The point here is – LKA alone resigned despite being in opposition and not in power. He fought the battle in court – it was obvious a fabricated case for a very simple reason. The Jain brothers had maintained the diary meticulously. Daily payments were totaled and carried to monthly totals. Certain payments alone did not tally. Those were the fabricated entries relating to LKA. He was acquitted but for the wrong reasons – the diary was held as not acceptable evidence. This opened the gates for all others to escape.

But now AMS says there is no public interest in CD. He went to court to get an injunction for telecast of CD earlier. He has resigned to protect Congress interest. His resignation is the only fig leaf that Congress has. AMS is a serial offender when it comes to resigning and surreptitiously coming back. earlier occasion was just a few months back in the Martin case. Cover your modesty buddy.

Earlier post of same note – P Chidambaram’s let off by CBI Court.


5 thoughts on “Cover Your Modesty – 2

  1. Well said Sridhar. ELM and MSM are busy drum beating even the smallest achievement of Cong Party members, they have scant respect for tall leaders like LKA.

  2. Sridhar, I liked your article, truly. Forget the PaidMedia rants against LKA, none in other parties can match his integrity. NaMo is a follower of LKA and not a competitor.

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