Understanding Indian Foreign Policy – 2

Terms used in this context

 Conservative:    A person who conserves his brain by rarely using it.

Liberal:            A person who is liberal in use of four letter expletives especially in replies to questions (s)he     cannot answer

Left Lib:           A person left with no other option but to call himself a liberal to hide his extremely anarchist views

Hindu Right:    Could also be called STOU / Internet Yindoo

If you are from MSM or a Liberal / Left Lib, Hindu Right is one who rarely agrees with you and as a corollary never right.

If you think you are a conservative / Right / Center Right, Hindu Right is one who never ever agrees with you. Exception: Unless if you are praising Modi.

Secular Right:  A person who agrees with the Left / Liberal Left part of the time and with the Right at other times. Has the uncanny ability to agree with you when you are wrong.

Indian Government’s Policy on International Relations

Myth – 1: That there is a concept called India  – it is only a colonial construct.

Myth – 2: That this mythical India has a Government.

Myth – 3: That this GoI is alive and thinking.

Myth –  4: That it is alive and thinking it has a policy.

Myth – 5: If it has a policy, that policy is consistent during the time you take to critically analyse  and understand this policy.

Myth – 6:That if GoI has policies that are relatively stable they would also cover International Relationships. (foreign Policy)

Myth – 7: That if GoI  has foreign policies that they would be in Indian Interest.

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