Why UPA Rocks – 3 Mamata Special

A Judge came out of his chambers laughing uncontrollably. His friend asked him what happened. He explained that a man had made a Joke about the Chief Minister and it made him laugh uncontrollably. The friend asked him to repeat the joke. The Judge said “Are you mad? Just gave him 10 years sentence for the joke!”


There was a joke competition organised in Kolkata. First prize was 25 years. Second 20 years. And there were 2 consolation prizes 15 years each.


A Jail Warden asked an inmate “They gave you 10 years is it? What did you do?” The inmate said “Nothing.” “Don’t bluff. For nothing they give you only 5 years.”


A group of people were telling jokes about the present government. One man was writing furiously. A friend asked him what he was writing. The man replied i am taking notes. The friend told him “You must be very fast. Are you able to write down everything?”. “No. No. I am just noting down the initials”.


A Russian, French Man and a Bengali were talking about how brave each of them was. The Russian said, “We put in a Bullet in an empty gun. Pass it around friends who shoot themselves. One of us dies and the others attend his funeral.” The Frenchman said “We are arrange for a group of prostitutes, one of whom has Aids. The man who gets that girl, dies and we attend his funeral.” The Bengali said “We arrange for a Adda among friends. One of them is a TMC member. We all say jokes about the CM. The TMC members later visits us at the Jail.


Welcome to Kolkata


5 thoughts on “Why UPA Rocks – 3 Mamata Special

  1. You combine your linguistic ability,humour,and creativity to produce articles of good content with contemperory relevance. Great job,indeed!

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