Why the UPA rocks – 2

There was an international competition for the best book about elephants.

France submitted a lavishly illustrated volume titled “Love triangles in the elephants’ families.”

England presented a treatise “Elephants and the World Trade.”

Germany submitted 24 volume set under the title “Introduction into elephantology.”

The USA furnished one million copies of a leaflet announcing a sweepstakes, “Win an Elephant. No purchase necessary.”

India sent three volumes, with the following titles,

Vol. 1. Glorious Rule of Elephants from 1200 AD to 1700 AD.

Vol. 2. The happy life of elephants under the progressive rule of Congress.

Vol. 3. Sachar Committee report on backwardness of Elephants and recommendations for reservation.


In a school in Maharastra the teacher asked the students to tell about their fathers.

“Praveen, tell about your father.”

“My father is a Road Contractor. He bids for Government Contracts and makes good money.”

“Now you, Wasim.”

“My father is in Real Estate. He develops properties, sells them, and makes good money.”

“Now you, Ramesh.”

“My father works in the Government. When Praveen’s and Wasim’s fathers go to Mumbai, they always first see my father. So he makes good money.”

“Now you, Salil.”

“My father works in a private company.”

The class burst in laughter.

“Children,” the teacher said. “It’s not good to laugh at somebody’s grief.”


MMS summoned Mani Shankar Aiyar and said, “I know you spread jokes about me. It’s impertinent.”


“I am the best PM, architect of Indian economic revival and liberalisation .”

“No, I’ve not told anybody this joke.”


Seven paradoxes of the Indian state:

Nobody works, but the plan is always fulfilled.

The plan is fulfilled, but the shelves in the stores are empty.

The shelves are empty, but nobody starves;

nobody starves, but everybody is unhappy;

everybody is unhappy, but nobody complains;

nobody complains, but the jails are full.


The year is 2012. In Chennai, a boy asks, “Grandpa, what is a Queue?”

“You see, some twenty years back, there was not enough food in stores, so people had to form long lines at the stores’ entrances and wait hoping some food would appear on sale. That was called Queue. Did you get it?”

“Yes, Grandpa. And what is food?”


To all my friends’ whose laments on twitter encouraged me to write this – We will go down but go down laughing. You can break my bones but can’t break my spirit 


The next post will be on the Arresting personality of the Didi…. A trailer here…..

Mamata sees a man carrying a watermelon while on a car ride on his way to home. She asks the driver to stop the car and approaches the man. She tells him that the watermelon is looking nice and asks him to sell it to her. The man replies “Sure, pick the one you want” and Mamata asks “How can I pick? There is only one”. The man replies “Just how we elected you.”


8 thoughts on “Why the UPA rocks – 2

  1. On the Seven paradoxes… there are only Six in the post…. that is the seventh paradox. No body… whether they agree or disagree with you… takes you seriously…. read… laugh…. prosper… let the country go to….

    • Sridhar……….thought force is very effective. Even if each one of us put a thought that things should change for the better in India, that would help the Society in finding the guru/leader to spearhead The Change. Now self interest is so deeply entrenched that we refuse to see the common good which would help our own self aggrandisment.

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