India and Foreign Policy – A Spoof

I generally do not venture into areas of my core competence, which is my why I write very little. Certainly very little of consequence. But certain incidents agitate even generally unconcerned people like me. The first time I reacted was when India saved few Chinese from the pirates and sent them back with lot of fanfare and little benefit on ground. I wrote the following on Twiter and my Face book page:

India frees and Chinese sailors and sends them back home with Arunachal Pradesh as parting gift.

China thanks India for same and as a gift gives up its territorial claims on Tamil Nadu.

That is real diplomacy as understood by professionals. But in India Diplomacy / Foreign Relations are run by butter hearted liberals not very different from me.

The second time I venture into an area that is way outside my competence is today. But then when everyone and his/her aunt and uncle become expert in giving away Siachen can’t I join the fun hjust for once?

An excerpt from NDTV’s website:

A tailor and two hairdressers were among civilians buried as the avalanche hit the militarised region, which is close to the de facto border with India in the Muslim-majority Kashmir region, over which India and Pakistan have fought two wars.
Siachen became a flashpoint when India occupied key areas in 1984, including the heights, prompting Pakistan to immediately respond by deploying its own forces.
India and Pakistan fought a fierce battle over Siachen in 1987, raising fears of all-out conflict, although the guns on the glacier have largely fallen silent since a peace process was launched in 2004.

If you think India was the aggressor you are not wrong! You wil pass the reading comprehension test with flying colours.

This from a random blog site – Rashid’s Blog:

India in 1984 occupied the key areas on the glacier, including the heights, and Pakistan immediately responded by deploying its own forces. They fought a fierce battle in 1987, raising fears of all-out conflict. New Delhi says it cannot withdraw its troops from the glacier until Islamabad recognises its troop positions, fearing Pakistan will move its soldiers forward in the event of an Indian pull-out. Experts have said there are some Indian 5,000 troops on the glacier while Pakistan has less than half that number, but there are no recent estimates. Islamabad says the presence of Indians on the glacier threatens a strategic Sino-Pakistani highway located 180 kilometres away.Most of the time on Siachen, the bad weather prevents any troop movement and despite the heavy deployment, clashes are generally low-level skirmishes involving a few dozen troops. Since both sides deployed troops on Siachen, casualties from sporadic clashes have not exceeded 150 on either side. Maintaining a military presence on remote Siachen exerts a heavy financial toll. India reportedly spends more than 40 million rupees ($800,000) daily on its Siachen deployment – excluding additional wages and bonuses. All Indian soldiers who complete a tour of duty on the glacier are awarded the “Siachen Pin” as a mark of fortitude. The Kashmir region — of which Siachen is a part — is divided between Pakistan and India and is claimed by both in full. It has triggered two of the three wars between the neighbours since independence in 1947 from Britain. Siachen is close to four of the world’s 14 peaks over 8,000 metres — K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II — all of which are on the Pakistani side of the frontline.

There is enough outrage on twitter and the general consensus is that Siachen should be turned into a peace park. Also the Indian Army, Right Wing (STOU) and Indian Govt are panned in that order. I do not offer any comments of mine but the outrage against the Indian Army reminded me of this old communist era joke:

Moscow in the 1970s. Deepest winter. A rumour spreads through the city that meat will be available for sale the next day at Butcher’s Shop no. 1.
Tens of thousands turn up on the eve of the event: wrapped up against the cold, carrying stools, vodka, and chessboards, they form an orderly queue.
At 3 am the butcher comes out and says, “Comrades, I’ve just had a call from the Party Central Committee: it turns out there won’t be enough meat for everyone, so the Jews in the queue should go home.”
The Jews obediently leave the queue. The rest continue to wait.
At 7 am, the butcher comes out again: “Comrades, I’ve just had another call from Central Committee. It turns out there will be no meat at all, so you should all go home.”
The crowd disperses, grumbling all the while: “Those bloody Jews get all the luck!”


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