Kurshid takes on EC and BJP apologises

The so called “Porngate” and its after effects need very little introduction thanks to the carpet bombing by the MSM/ ELM. As is the order of the day, BJP is being hounded to apologise despite the swift action that has been taken in terms of suspension of the delinquent members. But I thought I could jump the gun and draft the next apology that Yashwant Sinha might have to send to Sibal.

The BJP (or its earlier avatar the Jan Sangh) apologises for silently watching the rape of the  following offices by the Congress party:


Chief Justice of Supreme Court (1977): Justice H R Khanna was superseded post his sole dissent in the Heabus  corpus case.

 Some time in February or March 1976, I went to pay a courtsey call to Justice Khanna at his official residence. After some talk, he took me inside his office and, pointing to a closed bag, told me that he was deciding against the government, knowing fully well that it would cost him his Chief Justiceship but that he could not be false to his conscience. The judgement was given in April, 1976, with Justice Khanna being the sole dissent.

I am highlighting this because some interested persons later on, when Khanna J was superceded and resigned, uncharitably suggested that Khanna would not have written a dissenting judgement if he knew that he would be superceded, indicating with tongue-in-cheek that he would have also wilted like some of them as they did for personal considerations.

Such suggestions always shocked me, coming as they did from small men who did not have the grace to salute Justice Khanna’s courage. That is why I am emphasising that he was fully conscious of the consequences of his dissent.

President of India –

Jail Singh / Prathibha Patil: We have had some good presidents, some bad. But these two take the bakery not just the cake when it comes to downright subservience to the Gandhi family.

But the one incident that downright insults the institution of Presidency is the election of V V Giri. Indira Gandhi to spite the face (Congress, the Syndicate you can argue) cut the nose. She actively worked against the Official Congress Candidate Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

Foreign Secretary – A P Venkateshwaran

To Quote from Telegraph:

Rajiv Gandhi, however, had virtually sacked his foreign secretary, A.P. Venkateswaran, at what many veteran journalists consider the most memorable among prime ministerial media conferences.

A Pakistani journalist had asked Rajiv about a mismatch between his and Venkateswaran’s statements on a possible Islamabad trip. “You will be talking to a new foreign secretary soon,” Rajiv said.

The reply shocked everyone at the venue, said senior journalist Harihar Swaroop. Venkateswaran, who was present, resigned the same day.

Chief Election Commissioner:

1. T.N.Seshan

2. N. Gopalaswami / Navin Chawla.

3. S. Y. Qureshi (Kurshid)


CVC:   Le Affair St.Thomas


And then there are the minor issues of Bofors / Lakhubhai Pathak / Urea Scam /Office of Profit/  CWG / 2G / NREGA – BJP has a lot to apologize for. They have not been watching just porn. They have been watching this country getting raped.



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